day-2-106MDP Rep SEARCH

It’s time for the 2021 MDP Rep Search! Hooray! This will be my 5th annual rep search and I can’t wait to continue to grow with my MDP Rep Family! Below are some of the FAQs that come with the MDP Rep Search!


Q: What is an MDP Rep? An MDP Rep is a dancer that actively supports and promotes Morgan Droll Photography. This includes regularly posting MDP photos, sharing travel dates and other special photoshoots, and encouraging others to book sessions with MDP!  What perks are there to being an MDP Rep? There are several perks to being an MDP Rep including, discounted sessions, exclusive MDP merch, invitations to Rep Only shoots and MDP REP WKND, and so many more.


Q: Is there a cost associated with being an MDP Rep? NO!! There is not a fee to be a rep. The only time that there are fees involved are the discounted sessions or locations entry fees. Travel fees are not covered by MDP! But you do not have to pay a fee just to be an MDP Rep. 


Q: Do I have to have worked with you in order to be considered? Nope! I have actually taken Reps the last two years that I did not work with prior to them applying!


Q: Do I have to have a certain number of followers? No, I do not care about follower account. I actually care more about the quality of your followers instead of the quantity of your followers. AKA NO CREEPS!


Q: Can I be an ambassador for another photographer? I love ALL of my photographer friends, and encourage you to work with other photographers, however, you cannot be an ambassador for another photographer.


Q: How many new MDP Reps will you be choosing, and are all of your current MDP Reps continuing? All 7 of my current MDP Reps are continuing. I have an idea of how many MDP Reps that I will be adding this year, but I don’t like to publish it incase I change my mind. It happens EVERY year!


Q: Is there an age limit or requirement? NO! My current rep team is 8-17, but there are not age restrictions to apply. You must be actively involved in the dance community though.


Q: Do I have to live in Oklahoma? No! I have two current MDP Reps who live out of state, and I love to travel! However, the majority of Rep shoots do take place in Oklahoma, so being able to travel to Oklahoma is a huge bonus!


Q: Do I need to be an ambassador for a dancewear brand? Absolutely not! If you are, I do need to know what your expectations are for that brand so that we are on the same page about that from the beginning. (Ex. Can you wear other dancewear brands?)


Q: Do I have to own lots of dancewear and lots of name brands? No. I do occasionally ask for specific colors for group shoots, but if you do not have it, I likely have something in my client closet that will work!


Q: If I applied to be an MDP Rep in the past but was not accepted, am I still able to apply again? YES! Please reapply if you are still interested. People can change a lot in a year, and I delete the old applications before starting the new search! Fresh start for everyone! Also, I’ve picked people in the past that were not accepted the first time that they applied!


Q: What are you looking for in an MDP Rep? I’m not going to list ALL the specifics because that would get long and boring! I want genuine people on my team. The girls might dance at different studios or in different states, but when we come together, we are the MDP Rep Family. I look for people who are already supporting MDP and my current rep girls. I look for people who are willing to try new things, get creative, accept the challenges that are thrown at them, and a solid team player! It’s 100% NOT about follower count, or how flexible you are, just be yourself!


Q: What are the requirements of an MDP Rep? MDP Reps regularly post photos taken by Morgan Droll Photography (at least 4 times a month, but the more the better!), Regularly schedule photoshoots, share/reshare posts about travel dates and special photoshoots on instagram, participate in creative photo and video shoots, provide feedback and participate in the group messages. Most importantly, POSITIVELY represent MDP and THEMSELVES on social media!


Q: When will the new MDP Reps be announced? The new additions to the Rep Team will be contacted no later than December 30th via email and then announced on Instagram on Jan 1st, 2022!



If this all sounds like things that you would be interested in, please apply! To apply please fill click the link below and fill out the application completely. You must also email a headshot, a dance photo, and a 30-45 second improv video to [email protected] If you have difficulties emailing the photos and video, please let me know! Applications will be open until December 18th at 11:59pm CST.